SDE: More then a clan a family!




^SDE^Lon*** :  The Multi-Killer.


Lon is the most balanced player you will ever meet. He kills so much that everyone is always giving him compliments. He plays fast and straight, always aiming for the objective. Since he is very experienced, he can deal with several enemies at the same time, using a large range of weapons. Also, he is a Dynamite specialist, killing a lot with the explosives. His aim is amazing, and he likes shotguns as well, so he is the perfect medium-range player. Besides all that, he has a great personality, and everyone in SG likes him.


Role in the team: Attacking, Robbing.

Favourite Weapons: Sawed Off, Colt Peacemaker, Dynamite.

Especialist in medium-range combat, against multiple opponents.




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